Fruta Royal Holland BV.

Fruta Royal Holland BV. is a leading importer and wholesaler in (exotic) fruit from more than ten countries. We deliver a reliable range of the best fruit sorts and strongly focus on the continuity of the products and programs. We hold a strong knowledge and expertise in the global market of exotic fruit and constantly tune the fine balance between the supply of growers and the demand on the market.

We offer more than 20 years of experience in supplying the global fruit market from the global Fruit Port of Rotterdam/Barendrecht. We have a worldwide track record of delivering quality products throughout the whole year.  Due to strong relations and cooperation’s with growers located at Mediterranean Sea, Spain, Africa and South-America

We continually offer a wide range of products.We continuously travel around the globe; personally visiting and meeting growers and partners. We strong believe it’s important to invest in sustainable, personal and authentic liaisons with our producers. This all resulting that reliable partners in the different countries of origin have been working with us for many years.

We maintain in continuous close contact with reliable growers and suppliers in order to guarantee a high-quality and safe product. Meeting food safety requirements and customer demands requires a strong relationship with growers, suppliers, carriers and customers. We always strive to ensure all quality requirements of the products are met and that all our products are compliant with specific requirements in the specific markets.

A streamlined procedure of order fulfillment with a strong focus on punctuality, speed and shipment and delivery requirements is in place. Our team and our logistic partners assure an effective and efficient logistical process if required.

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